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Get it from her Momma!

Hahahaha what  a stupid title, but what am I gonna do leave it blank?  I mean this dress deserves some sort of acknowledgement here.Anyways.  I wore this dress last week to attend South N The City picnic on Governors Island.  As usual I don’t plan my outfits  in advance, so the night before my flight packing got a little something like ” Love the color”, “Less Print” , This could be good incase I find somewhere to go!”.  Nothing set in stone because again dressing is about showing or highlighting an emotion and mood.  There is not telling with me how I’ll feel or what mood I’m in.


I purchased this dress from my mothers closet last week while she was getting rid of pieces she wasn’t attached to anymore or the fit was bad.  Message: Declutter Declutter your closets! So on my way to the airport I noticed that this dress was sitting in the back seat and not packed in my carry on which at that point had no room for not even a hairbrush.  Now I arrive to the departure terminal and I’m thinking “Damn I have to go with this dress!” So I start to take off my shirt and tell my mother to pass me the dress. With a Haitian accent she’s like “Vanessa! you are going to change right here in the car?! * gives dirty look and shakes head

Me: Yes Mommy pass me the dress!


Cuff from Tj Maxx

This whole time I’m walking through the airports I have no idea how my outfit looked like.  I didn’t know if this proportion was right or if I looked like a Haitian bag of skittles.  Yes I’ve been wearing the dress and pants combo, but fit and proportion is key.  Your dress can’t look like it was a struggle to get it over the pants. Also  the pant needs to be showing a few inches past your skirt hem.IMG_0632.jpg

With only a half hour to get dressed  I get to Monroe’s house and go to put an outfit together when Monroe says that the outfit is cute specifically “You know that’s the wave!” Looked in the mirror and I agreed it was a go.  Steamed that bad boy and we headed to the Picnic.

As we walked towards the check in table I noticed that there was a whole lot of yellow. I totally forgot about the color theme but was so happy that I could accidentally be a part of it. I had a ball at the picnic.  Rose, myself and Monroe set up our little area and then hit the ground to network and shop.  Full is an understatement for how I felt about the positive vibes and radiant beauty that covered all corners of  the field. What I loved most was that It was a packed picnic, but It wasn’t  a sweat box type of event(which I see too often in the Summer).    I’m definitely packing up my girlfriends from Boston and attending next year!

Dress:  Old Talbots purchase

Jeans: Madewell

Sandals:  Aldos buy(last year

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