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Unapologetically Ambitious 

I came across a post a few weeks ago that had the words “overly ambitious” in it. It was thought provoking for me for many reasons. Since a kid I’ve been told that I’m too confident, too ambitious and received stares  that pretty much said “what the fuck are you so excited about?!” (I still get them)

Ambition and optimism is what has kept me daydreaming as a kid believing that I would be the best dressed lawyer(settled for a associates in Criminal Justice). It’s what I use when I don’t get it right the first 20 times. It keeps me curious and fired up to try again. I don’t have a sobby story for why I had to be this way, just trates from my Mother and Grandfather I guess. When they said they wanted something it was done and was never afraid of messing up.

See the thing is compliments and achievements are cool, but it’s our attitudes and mental state that really determines if we get there. If we can’t envision it, it’s a no go. Ambition to me isn’t about wanting to outdo people, it’s about doing my best because I believe I can’t fail if I am consistent, intentional and have faith. Ambition is the extra battery pack that we pull out when we have hard days, pity parties(I have one every few months) Hell I’m the attendee and bartender serving the cup full of pity 😂. Buuuuuuuut honey when I’m done with that shit I’m recharged and ready to jump in head first. 

Ambition followed with no plan or action is probably detrimental(always failed me) because we are just hoping, praying and doing nothing to bring that to life.  If you aren’t doing that then there’s no such thing as too ambitous in my book. If you’ve got ambition keep that shit. Unapologetically. If you don’t then tap into it. Sometimes you gotta convince yourself and push to see past the bullshit. The rewards will then keep you going. K? K!

Sunnies: vintage 

Thrifted jumpsuit $2.00

Shoes: Zara

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