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Just chill

Yesterday was Day 2 of Boston Calling and it was a super chill day and the vibes were good. I’m certain that Mother Nature bringing us sun was one of the reasons. Barely any room to walk, I tip toed and zigzagged around napping, laying and eating folks on the ground. A good problem to have seeing that the day before laying down wasn’t even an option. 

I set out to capture some street style, ask questions and head out, but I ended up having genuine and purposeful convos with folks and made that priority over exchanging an IG or email. Of course that was done once or twice, but the point is sometimes you set out for one thing and end up getting something totally left and heart filling at that.  I’d like to speak for everyone there and say that we were being medicated. Music does something to the soul that indescribable and only a music lover can non verbally understand. In theses last two days, not once was there a fight or a time that I didn’t feel safe. The overall view and vibe looked like what 70’s festivals vibes would have been made of.  Care free dancing , wide eye smiles and    Belly holding laughs. Like so so good. Exactly what my soul needed after a non stop work week.

The festival is broken up into stages: Green stage, blue and red. On Day 1 my photographer D and I was just glued to Green and Red. Migos came on and had us turnt and then we stayed until Chance The Rapper came on( still speechless). Yesterday D suggested trying out the blue stage. We found Kenny Brown performing and let’s just say that was a world of its own. A two minute walk took us from country music to hip hop. Folks dabbin and cranked AF. The energy so good we just sat and chilled there until Majid Jordan came on. First time hearing his music and now a new music follow for me! Boston Calling has been like school orientation with new introductions to artist and different genres in a concert form. I wouldn’t have looked up that many artist on my own for no reason, you know?Even though it was a two hour stop in, D and I still spotted and stopped a few street style babes like so…
“I don’t have an Instagram” I high fived that 🙌🏾Hi, can you mail me these overalls girl?!  Crazy about the mustard and red lip🎯❤️Romper mami 💅🏼 YSL Papi 🎩 Supreme Team

Now I’m off to have breakfast with my family before heading to day 3 which I’m excited about! Follow along on my Instagram Story.
My outfit 

Chanel vintage silk blouse

Vintage Levi’s

Vintage purse 

Vintage boots( like so damn good right?!)

Vintage purse 

Marilyn Monroe glasses from Marshalls 

Photography: D Irvin Photography

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