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Gingham Mami- all the must buys!

I heard gingham is “trending” aka they pulled it out the classic archives. Here’s the thing… it’s at least the 5th or 6th time it’s been re-trending since I was like 8/9 years old. How do I remember ? Because my aunt who was my fashion icon had a beautiful flowy  gingham red dress that was off the shoulder. That was my intro to gingham and since then have been a fave. BUT let’s talk about quality because some prints are just plain ugly and very cheap looking.

Here’s my aunt in “94”with the dress!! She just sent it.(I never forget a dope outfit!)

I love you toooo  much to let you go and  pick up just any kind so I picked a few faves that are classic and will live past the “trend season”. When you shop with a purpose there is no going out of style.

These two pics are styled by me from an event I had with Shake Shack Newbury called “Shakes & Silhouettes” last month.   *pic credentials on IG*

Styled this gingham off the shoulder  top from Marshalls with a lace gold top from Ash & Rose . Pants from pajama section in Marshalls. Breaking rules !

So if I were you I’d buy these 

Zara gets it👇🏾

This babe

This to die for skirt
Off the shoulder realness

Take me on a picnic chic

Dress me in gingham

And Asos not playing either!☄️

A side of peplum please

Blouse up!

Yellow Mellow

So which one are you getting ? 

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