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Boston Calling Recap

Happy Tuesday I mean Wednesday 😩😩

This short week got me all messed up. Anywho let’s take it back to last Friday when Mother Nature had all sorts of mood swings and couldn’t decide if we behaved enough for some sunshine or better yet a dry day. She went left and killed us with rain, but who cares when you get to See Chance The Rapper?!!!! Like his performance was chill giving, soul filled and thought provoking. Like I never cared for another performer like this  besides Beres Hammond.  The kid is going to be a legend.

How many rappers ask “How many of y’all want to go to heaven ?” And ask twice because “some of y’all didn’t answer truthfully” that’s dope! Grown Men were in the crown harmonizing with Chance and his group word. For. Word.  This performance was so on time for me for so many reasons. One because I’ve been working not stop for like two months straight and needed some self care time. Second because as I’m in transition phases this performance reminds me that it’s all about purpose always and serving the people. A great reminder that platforms are meant to inspire and not pollute. I never downloaded not one song of his prior to the festival , just radio and catching him while he won his Grammy(s). Other than that it was “hmm nice songs”. After the performance and him taking time  to say “I’m sorry let me introduce myself” sealed the deal for me. Got home and purchased his album on like 3. Somethin seconds 😩😂😂I don’t care for hype, but character x talent will do it for me. 

My photographer and I D Irvin both agreed this Man was the icing on the cake for our time at the festival. I left full and ready to tackle this week and create, create, create.

Check out my recap video here for a bit of my weekend.

Outfit #1 details 

Dress from Nigeria

Thrifted belt and camouflage jacket

H&M jeans

Guess booties from Marshalls

Outfit #2 details  Here

Picture and video : D Irvin

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