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Shake Shack & Chill! 

If you know anything about me or follow my Instagram you know that after Faith, Family and Fashion comes food! It’s comfort for the soul and when made with love it’s bragging worthy.

The only burgers I’ve had the last few years before Shake Shack were homemade ones that my mother makes. The ones that when you bite into actually taste like meat and not some weird substance that’s been refrozen for decades.  I finally tried one outside of home for the first time 2 weeks ago with my business partner and loved it! All I needed to hear was 100% beef to convince me to bite. And let’s be honest, an exposed kitchen  says “We are confident in our food and service”

I’m a believer of the motto  “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, so I had the ShackMeister again! This mouth watering  burger  is made with 100% angus beef and topped with seasoned shallots and Shack Sauce. Just right and not too messy(hate a disruptive burger). 

Convinced my friend to get the double version. No regrets!

Drum roll….. this baby on the left is loaded fries with bacon bits, cheese and and barbecue sauce. Like seriously this thing is even good cold. I brought some home to my kids who didn’t even bother warming it up. 😂🙌🏾

This time around I skipped the tasty white wine for a milkshake.

Stay with me here  we are still talking Shake Shack! Downstairs is a whole different atmosphere. Two HDTV’s and games for a real chill vibe. This private room is the newest  hidden treasure on Newbury st.The exposed brick walls set the perfect mood for social gatherings and even kids parties. Had I known about this in January I would have rented it for my sons birthday party.

Dope artwork sourced from Artist For Humanity and Vanilla milkshake for the win!

If you don’t make it in soon to check the space , you should definitely look forward to my fashion meet up event  “Shakes & Silhouette”! Think Spring fashion and networking. More details  coming in the next post! 

Post sponsored by Shake Shack all opinions and thoughts  are my own.

Outfit details

Zainab Sumu hoodie 
Vintage fatigue jacket and fur coat

Levi’s jeans

Kate  spade heels

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