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Damn near had a blizzard for the first day of New York Fashion Week.  Typically one would look outside and think “stay in”, but nope Fashion week is work for me so the show must continue. And it did.  All 8,000 shows. OK, fine more like 5 0r 6, but it sure felt like a whole lot took place within a short time.  Despite the slush, disrespectful wind and wet feet, It feels good to be back doing what I love. Thankfully I dropped these sneakers in my suitcase. I pretty much worked the outfit around it. Outside was too gray and slush to do all neutrals. You know I can’t just settle for all dark colors!
let’s get into this vintage 1951 Parka though……so damn good.  I’m always here for an over sized men’s coat.  MAC Cyber lipstick for a little badassery (and because a bright lip would be  a distraction)  Ok, off I go to tackle day 2. First show is at 10:00 am.  My cold and allergy is saying rest(the devil) and my working brain is like “You left your family,came here to sleep in?!”

Working brain for the win. Follow my Instagram stories for all show coverage!


Outfit deets:

Vintage Parka, denim Polo shirt, Men’s wool pants from Bobby From Boston

Sneakers: Kith NYC

Vintage purse, vintage motor vest(old)

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