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Thank you….maybe

You ever give a compliment to someone and their reaction/response or lack there of had you rethinking where you went wrong?

Like “No not your social security number or address…..your blouse girl your blouse! it’s cute”.

My face when I gets no response…

I’m hella friendly, severely talkative and a compliment giver since a kid.  I remember being in Kings Plaza Mall as a kid and my mother literally pulling me behind her  with my sister giving me that “Shut Up!” stare as I try to finish a conversation and a compliment. Compliments do more for me than me trying to do for the person. I realize they make it about someone else for that time and not us or whatever problems we could be facing.

So whether I get a response I like or not I’m still gonna dish out genuine compliments. “You get a compliment! You get a compliment! *Oprah’s voice and hand gesture*. No but seriously I’ve learned for some it goes back to upbringing and personality. I’ve met people who expressed that their lack of confidence made it hard to even utter a thank you because the compliment is not something they see.  Some Women  have shared that they didn’t grow up getting them or were used to mean girls and just didn’t know how to respond to other Women who gave them a compliment. I can understand which is why I don’t take any baggage from a bad response.  Growing up my Mother was and is still a cheer leader for her family and friends. I’m certain that growing up in that environment has a lot to do with some of my characteristics.


Yes I was really writting them out. To Harrison to be exact

As if novel texts and IG emoji comment overload  to my friends isn’t enough, I send out Thank You cards. These are another way I can show appreciation and compliment  loved ones. Say it out loud…THANK YOU CARDS IS STILL A THING. Rare but still a thing.

Thank you card set from Target.

Regardless of your story or personality, a thank you wont hurt.  I promise.

How do you respond to compliments? How do you respond to no response?

Weigh in..



Outfit deets:

Turtleneck: H&M

Robe: TJ Maxx last worn here

Shoes: Clarks



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  1. I like complimenting on anything I see. I give compliments freely. I also give smiles freely. If there was a conversation I enjoyed in particular in someone I might bring it up later when comolimenting their character.

    People tend to forget the great qualities they poessess so it’s always nice to remind them.

  2. Marshi says

    You Beautiful Queen. Thank you for this post. I am exactly similar, O, Lawd I will walk down a woman, old and young regardless of race or ethnicity. Yes, sometimes they are shocked, at times they look at me as if I am ‘for real’. In airport lines, stores, markets, libraries you name it. I see a woman and I find something to complement. Just so you know, you are not alone. Blessings + Health ever Royal.

  3. It’s so true, complimenting people makes it more about them at that point in time and it’s beautiful because you get to stir up happiness in a person and in return you’re happy too. For me, genuinely complimenting people boosts my own energy. I don’t know how it works but it makes me happy to know that I can see and compliment something beautiful about a person. You’re looking great btw, Vana!

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