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Situation: 16 and pregnant
Location: Kitchen
Mom: you can still have anything you want
Me: 🤔 Bet…

I say it’s not the size of the team, but instead the character of the teammate. “You can still have anything you want” is a comment that comes to mind every time I’m met with uncertainty, doubt, fear and mind-blowing opportunities. Being 16 and pregnant is no bleeping joke as you can imagine. Shit gets real, real fast too. Decisions have to be made though. “Roll over, fold and die with self-pity?” Or “Face this shit and make the best out of a bad decision?”

Clearly I picked facing this shit. A degree, business, marriage and two kids later I look back and revisit that moment often.  It’s a reminder that half the shit I face and stress about didn’t and doesn’t  even compare to the biggest hurdles I’ve overcome. My….. those 7 words was my invitation, boarding pass and constant motivation I ever needed and will probably ever need after God. Imagine if it was the opposite reaction and I got a verbal beating? Ha! I wouldn’t have been the same. Even confident folks need love. One Woman poured into me and it made all the difference.

My point:

1) Keep in mind who you keep as company

2) We all need a little boost and love

3) It’s not how many people you have it’s the amount of love.

4) If you don’t have a cheerleader be your own

5 Be mindful of what you project and say because words have power.

oh and before I hit “Post”

6) Don’t find self love or confidence as a threat. You never know what that person overcame to reach this point. Just ask.


Yeah all of that and kick some ass today. Be a genuine cheerleader if needed.


Do you have a memorable moment that still carries you through? Or a person ?

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