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Red Red Wine

Maybe fitted dresses will be my NYE thing or it’s just one of my forever  recommended NYE outfit essentials.  Last year I did this green number  with fur and the same damn  pose.  This year I’m toying  with this option and one other one that’s coming in the next pose.  If all else fails grab at least one body con dress.  Pile on, pile off;

1)Tie a shirt around your waist.

2)Throw an over sized shirt or sweater over it for a two piece look.

3) A blazer for a masculine touch

Just your outer wear layer alone can make difference.

I would definitely keep the denim jacket as an option if I wear this for NYE cause a fitted dress alone is just…….ummmm…. Boring. I gotta have some type of accent piece or accessory.

This red red wine number caught my attention because of the velvet stripes and semi turtleneck.

A lil fur for a Lux feel.

Or you can do both so that you are still poppin even after the layer is off. Walk up in the party like heyyyyyy!


But what you came her for right…. Dress: Windsor Store $29.90

Fur Coat: Your Grandma

Shoes: Kate spade(Summer Sale)

Earrings/Denim Jacket: H&M (old)

Lipstick: MAC  Matte Royal



Be Sure to stay updated with the blog  for more NYE looks this week.  So which one you like more, denim or fur?


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