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Layered & Privileged

Look who decided to finally have a “Fall” outfit after layering up her Summer t shirts with sweaters and anything she can find. I’d rather be layered up than to have one to two basic pieces for Fall. Sigh…. it’s cold as heck, but I knew that was coming like it has been for the last 31 years of life yet I complain every Fall and Winter.

Moving on>>>>>>>Last week or about a week and a half ago I said to myself one morning “Damn I’m tired!” Almost as if I had sympathy for myself. Within the same breath I sat up straight and said “It’s a privilege to be tired!” Here I am tired from working on an assisting styling project that whole  week everyday from like 8am-6pm and plus an additional gig where I was the lead stylist. Like the nerve of me to complain. I had to check myself like yes you are physically tired but your heart is filled. You are doing something you love, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Somebody didn’t wake up today and many others are dragging into their jobs, dodging their bosses and counting down the seconds till 5pm.

The point I’m making isn’t that fatigue or complaints isn’t aloud, but instead we(even if you are at a 9-5 you hate) are blessed still. We sometimes get so caught up in the entitlement, victim or pitty party that we forget the true gems in life. I know that when  a bill is due telling yourself “This bill is due, but at least I have hands to hold this bill and working eyes to see the due date” may not be the first that comes to mind or help necessarily.  However an attitude of gratitude helps us leave the sluggish ways behind and gives us energy to find solutions. I don’t   always do this, but I have been practicing it more often and I’m less stressed and even more convinced that it really is mind over matter.





H&M turtle neck, Old Navy Cardigan(old)


H&M jeans and Kate Spade Heels(heels from last season)


Coat; Arden B. 2005

So today I’m happy for life, my crazy 7 year old, my beautiful and sweet daughter, my family, booked gigs,working limbs, the opportunity to vote(don’t you dare not vote!)….. all these things are a privilege.


Wishing you a kick ass week! More progression, more checks and more Slayage honnnnnney! Yasssa

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