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Corner Store Mami

A corner store?  Yup a corner store!

Growing up as a kid in Brooklyn my Summer memories  were Fire hydrates, Carnivals , bumping into rappers like Busta Rhymes at the local Mc Donalds and  corner store trips.  You couldn’t tell me I didn’t have the best Summers.  A few dollars would by  us quarter waters, sour powers, five peanut chews and an icy. The colors, the endless candy options was like my daily Disney.  In July while shooting this  look from NY Men’s Fashion Week, I decided to stop at a neighborhood corner store, post up and shoot.

Me:  Hi I’m a blogger, * pulls out my phone and shows Instagram pics*  Can I shoot here?

Owner: Sure! This is cool can I look while you shoot?




This choice came about because I was tired and overdue for a switch up for a shoot location and style.  Once at the corner store, I was reminded that change is good and the spur of the moment  is sometimes the medicine to boredom(I get bored easily).  As a blogger we often shoot when we don’t feel like it, smile whether we  want to or not, but do so with keeping  our readers in mind. This day I kept you all in mind, but also the Brooklyn kid with the richest and funnest Summer.

I had so much fun going down memory lane and got a reminder of how far I came and how important it was to stay true whether the corner store editorial would be a fave or not. I never want to get too serious or business oriented where I lose touch with the makings of me.  It felt good and I’ll definitely be back to one soon! Next time for a Winter edition(Furssss) honnnnnney!




Corner stores been a big deal to me before they made it in magazine spreads.

Let’s not leave without getting into this Phillip Lim top I got a Saks fifth Ave Sale in the Summer. My consistent goal is to have less clothes with better quality and unique pieces. While I don’t believe that all expensive pieces are better, you do see a difference in quality some brands/ designer brands . Not only are they typically unique, but you can feel the difference in the fabric and stitching. If you ever second guess an investment piece ask yourself how many basic and cheap tops can you pass up  on just to have this one that’s reliable. I’ll be layering  it with a turtle neck, collared shirt to name a few.


Lately this purse and shoes have been a duo.

I’m off to a wedding now with my little sis.  Happy Columbus Day/ Monday!!

Top: Saks fifth Ave Phillip Lim

H&M Jeans Last worn HERE

No. 21 shoes Last worn HERE

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  1. I remember spending my eigth grade allowance at the corner store with my little sister on the way to my grandmother’s house. So much memories! I too believe expensive pieces shouldn’t be looked down upon. Thrifting is awesome, but a piece that brings a certain character shouldn’t be overlooked because of price. I love your style and I like your take on minimal fashion. It’s simple while still bringing character and color.

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