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Late Bloomer

Fall and  layering season is finally here *does the running man*   and so is the  reminder that we only have 3 more months till the end of the year. Like just three….. Only. It feels just like the other day I was decked out in all Green saying Happy New year 😫. While I made new year goals like most, it was also important to attack those goals at a pace that worked for me and my life. As a creative in the days of social media, there are examples as to what , where we can be and how to get there.  This can be inspiring, but can quickly be discouraging if viewed differently. Late bloomers isn’t just a childhood thing. It happens as adults and should be something we embrace. Others successes should be an inspiration and reminder  for us versus a pitty party for how far we haven’t gone.

Personally, Ive always reached my milestones   differently than most of my peers. Highschool I became a Mom at 17 and  graduated  with a one year old. I didn’t have any college spring break experiences, because I had responsibilities.   Completed college with two children, started a business and really giving Fashion a try at 26. Interning at 28/29 with newly graduated college students. Bigger hips after the birth of my son and boobs that stopped blooming all together at 16. Like hello!  That’s not anywhere close to the “traditional way”, but it was mine. Once you accept your life, status without comparisons, you begin to truly start getting work done and chipping away. I accepted then and now that I may have to take a different route than everyone else BUT that I would still get there. Having this attitude is what keeps my eyes on the prize and help block out noise. It made me that much more confident in my truth even if no one else could relate.

So if you are a late bloomer don’t feel bad. Maybe it’s not so much that you are “late”. look at it like you have a unique path to getting where you need to go. We don’t know what others went through to get to where they are or what they struggle with while there now. So don’t do the “I wish, why not me” and “if only”. Be happy for them and learn something from that person or situation. Chill and just enjoy your journey.  Don’t get me wrong, every once in a while I get hard on my self and want to throw a pity party, but then I’m like “Girl! Have you done your best?, Could you do more?!… Ok then!”


Being a late bloomer is like showing up late to a party but still looking fly and having the time of your life! 2016_08_10_140

I’m going to start calling these posts life post because it has nothing to do with the fit and everything to do with life.. You can look forward to more posts like this here on VanaVain.


I can’t wait to wear this dress with a skinny belt and a white collared shirt. Denim jacket and Converse sneakers. And of course  socks and heels.2016_08_10_027


Here are some knit dresses that are worth the bucks and can transition into Winter.

H&M Striped Knit

A Sleeveless one from Revolt

Gray Metalic from Nasty Gal

Asos Gray knit


If you are a late bloomer and can relate please share! I want to hear

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  1. Hi, I love this post for I am also going to be a “late bloomer” (& of course, your outfit is poppin’). Currently at 26, I struggle with the idea of “where I thought I’d be”. I’ve learn to let that go but lately the lack of focus has led me to stand in one place for a bit too long. I’m not mad about it because I know I will move, sooner rather than later. It’s just the tough love you give yourself when you feel like on certain days, you can’t get it together. I am a growing graphic designer and hopefully, I will be freelancing full-time. The requirement of a stable income has my dreams on “part-time” while a growing active social life has me wishing there were more hours in the day. And having recently been married, I struggle with the idea of juggling family and career — especially when there aren’t enough hours in the day.

    I thank you for this article because a lot of people can give advice about how to get where they’ve gotten but very little can admit to the struggle, especially this kind of struggle. It’s a lovely reminder that life doesn’t necessarily side-track or cancel your dreams but puts them on hold for when the time is right.

    Thanks Vana.

    • vanavain says

      Thank you Kathy!
      The pressure on ourselves isn’t bad because at least we are acknowledging that we want more and there is room for growth. It always works out! When we want it that bad we keep at it until we get a rhythm going. You can and will do both!

  2. Hi Vana!

    Not sure if you remember me. I’m Alexandra, the bagger from Market Basket in Brockton. I bagged your groceries about a year ago and was IN LOVE with all of you! So much time has passed since then like quitting my job and starting a new life. I totally needed this post. I’ve been a bit of a funk this week that I’m pushing myself to get out of and this post has definitely helped push me further away from the cloud. I feel sort of weird being young and going straight to the workforce instead of college like most of my old classmates. This post definitely inspired me to accept the path I’m on now and work towards the future.

    Thank you.
    Gene Al

    • vanavain says

      Hi Gene!
      Ha! Yes I remember you. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Follow your gut. I find it never leads you in the wrong direction. If you have something you always thought of doing maybe you research, look into it and possibly take a leap! Finding things to do helps me with my “funk-ation” or else I’ll overdue the stay lol. Best of luck to you!

      • Thank you! So much has changed since that last exchange, I made the decision to get VERY uncomfortable and just do what’s necessary to get to my destination. And, it’s working! I launched my very procrastinated, yet, worth-the-wait blog update, and I can honestly say that I’m so glad I did; I’ve gotten so much positive feedback. I’m using the momentum from this small victory to keep creating awesome content and building my dreams.

        Thank you Vana, you’ve added fuel to my fire.
        Gene Al

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