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This may sound redundant, but it’s already  mid August!(inserts crying emoji)Like where? How?  And if you are a Mom you have the Back to school Blues and all these commercial reminders of how much back to school supplies you don’t have  *Rolls eyes*

Beside those rants, Summer has really been good to me.  I  have been blessed and busy with a lot of work opportunities and the dope experiences that’s coming with them .While no office day is the same for me as a Free Lancer, one thing that I’m adamant about keeping up with is self care. No guide or self  help book got me this routine, simply being attentive, listening to my body and my gut.2016_07_30_604


When we don’t eat well, don’t work out and burn out , our bodies and skin will be the reminder and wake up call we need. After making peace that I may never like working out, it has been a routine the last couple of months.  Sometimes easy sometimes hard.  You’d have to see me dragging to go at times, like a kid who dreads going to a bad sitter, but cant get the words out. However once I go the recharge is real honey. Gummie Vitamins  are also being popped daily and more  water consumption as much as I hate it. Another thing I have been paying more attention to is skin care products. Your girl has graduated from the “That’s too much for a…!!” . Can’t invest in quality wardrobe, but half ass my skin care and body products.  If you follow my snap(VanaVain) you will see the moisturizers and products that my coins go to.  When you are no longer 21 you cant treat your skin that way either, so quality skin care and routine is a win. Both inner and outer efforts have shown results. Lastly you can find me at the spa getting a mani and pedi faithfully every two weeks. Can I do a descent job by myself? Sure, but pampering is the cake with cherry on top.  I lied that wasn’t last. SLEEEP! I aim for 6-8 hours faithfully if I can. Good sleep and naps is the way we thank our bodies.



Our brains consume so much daily and anything that doesn’t need to be there just shouldn’t take up space. Once I noticed my focus was off I started paying attention to what my distractions were and what took away from my productivity.  I’m intentional about what I consume EVERYDAY. I started reading more daily (books, fashion sites and daily papers) and  noticed how much that helped my concentration. I stopped consuming less junk or anything that left me feeling drained. This included distancing myself from relationships that  was unhealthy.  Since a kid people have considered me mature and the go to person to talk to.  While this is flattering,  I had to start limiting the kind of conversations I was open to having or listening to even if it benefited the other person. If it left me feeling down or was redundant I kindly asked that we not revisit it. What good are we if we become bag lady to everyone’s problems in addition to our own?  Deep down we all want to please someone, but reality is self care will come off as selfishness to some and that’s something we have to make peace with. Some relationships I just accepted the facts and let it go(our guts warns us ahead of time). I reminded myself that maybe its not always a right or wrong thing and instead these are misfits that we must accept.



Not sure if you can relate, but traveling is the all time high, inspiration and rejuvenation for me.  My creative juices are overflowing and every bit of inspiration can be added to all aspects of my life. When I went to Nola in April I was reminded of how much there is to see and learn in this world. Even a stay cation makes a difference when I can’t leave the state or Country. I’ts simply leaving your usual space or changing the scenery.  When traveling is not an option I turn my bathroom  into a spa.  I create the vibes I want with scents and sounds to take me away. To keep the travel bug inspiration going I’ll search Instagram(Travel Noire mostly)  for visuals. Over the moon excited for my next trip. Stay tuned!




There has been at least 7-8 individuals who’ve mentioned seeing a therapist and how much they love and or benefited from it. I’m personally going to see one just to see how it goes. A few months ago I thought “Why not try it?!”  The go to person  has to have a go to person to listen to them too.  Let me tell you, I’m rolling up to my first appointment like first day of first grade. Proud and prepared!  I envision a hot pink velvet couch awaiting me to plop my talkative behind there and spill it. The couch is probably not happening but a girl can dream. I feel good about it.


How are some ways you self care?



Oh yeah the outfit:

Top/ Pants/ Rings: H&M

Shoes(Sisters Jessica Simpson platforms)

Vintage purse

Shades: Coutesy of  A Mavens World

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  1. Self care for me is being able to journal, or read something that is required ( school blues )… Also meal preping for the week… Being vegan and living in Roxbury where food options are limited … It’s essential that I do so or else I’m eating tons of carbs 😩

    • vanavain says

      Oooh journaling…I love that. I might have try meal prepping in order to save time and stay on top of my meals. Thanks for sharing!

  2. KerryAnn says

    Self care for me is being creative. When I’m creating I’m most happy. Writing, drawing, taking pics, singing, whatever I’m feeling inspired to do that day. I create something everyday. YOGA is my BFF! Also skin care is huge for me. Water. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Moisturize, moisturize, moisturze! Lol!! And with focus, some people can be unintentionally draining. So, I’m learning to limit certain conversations and what I’m surrounding myself with as well. And being ok with saying NO. My energy is much better, I’m happier and feeling less drained!

    Awesome read! Thx for sharing! 🙂

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