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In A Nutshell

2016_08_23_145So I just sat for about an hour writing content for this post only to decide after viewing the pics that I  no longer cared for those words with these pics.  Like Seriously, blogging is more than cute pics! So much thought and hours goes into 7-8 pics.  I appreciate any blogger who’s past the two year mark because it is so easy to give up. Not that frustrated about it though,  I’ll just  take it as a sign that I still care for this deeply and truly.


2016_08_23_467Anyways, I’m still head over heels for these Nº21  mules just like I was when I first saw them. I typically don’t splurge on shoes, but I make an exception once in a while. I look at it as an investment and instead of two basic shoes , I have one that does the work for both. These were definitely worth it.  While they are trendy within the fashion/ Influencer community, it’s still a gem that will always be a “oooh”…even seasons and years  later. If I’m ever over them they are still shelve worthy.  Straight art. They are pretty much me in a nutshell; loud, bright and bold.  Never one to run from a statement piece and details honnnnney.  I met my match.

Thinking of packing them for New York Fashion Week next week.  The arch is real but surprisingly comfortable. We’ll see..


I swear I didn’t just set it off…lol

2016_08_23_404 (1)


Wearing a vintage skirt, Jacket and H&M crop top.

Wore this skirt last HERE this too was an investment of $5.00 from the thrift shop.. Oh and it’s 100% silk *fluff hair*

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