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Thigh highs And Short Shorts

A few  years ago I remember getting dressed one summer day to go to a barbeque and having a light bulb moment  to wear short shorts and and knee high(close to thigh high) boots.  This wasn’t a light bulb moment because I had invented  the look, but because rarely did people wear that during the Summer. If they did it wasn’t anywhere around Boston.  Sure enough I wore it, loved it and got stares…..didn’t have not one care. So like most people even your most confident dresser second guesses some trends  and  fashion risks. Try it anyways! This weekend will be the perfect weekend to revisit this trend and or try it for the first time. Kick your sweats, sneakers, flip flops and join the shorts and thigh high movement.


Boots Last worn Here2016_03_07_031


“Thigh high boots are meant for rebels.  Statement makers and risk takers.”



Can you tell how excited I am about the look?!



If a cape or long jacket isn’t your thing then consider these below options


Men’s White Tee shirt



Loose fitting blouse 

Flowy top from Zara http://www.zara.com/us/en/sale/woman/tops/view-all/crossover-printed-blouse-c732008p3294148.html

Collared shirt





My outfit: Vintage jacket, Levis shorts past season Kurt Geiger  (On sale)

These are just a few suggestions but definitely play with other pieces in your closet like knits and long cardigans.

Please try it, love it and if you do go for it,  @ me so I can share it too!

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