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Date at 8

Got a date at 8 I’m in my 740  fizive“~Remy Ma


I don’t have a 745 but I did have a date last week and this is what I wore. When I say  I have like 10-15 minutes to find an outfit, It’s not to sound cool.  It’s the truth.  Even when not limited to a time frame it’s somewhat preferred.  Like a crazy challenge of how to get cute in 10 minutes.  Most of the time the outfit is a go and every once in a while it’s a “See Vanessa  you should have prepared it ahead of time”.  I’ve come to terms with this habit and will stick to it.





Truth is when you have a closet full of essentials and quality pieces, dressing shouldn’t be complicated.  No reason for hours of try on’s.  Recently I took notice that my wardrobe could use some restocking of  basic essentials.  Another blazer and boyfriend jeans was on the list.  My Lover of a store H&M of course had most of them.  They have some of the best quality  pant suits and Blazers.




Comfort is Key no matter the occasion, but I kind of broke my own rule  of exposing my stomach while dining out.   Not ever wanting to mess up a look, I held that bad boy in until I got to the car.  Yup. No shame .


I Like my Boyfriend jeans almost  baggy so I get a size or two bigger.  These are a 30/32

Maybe Boyfriend jeans for date night is a win? No?  #doitdoit



Blazer: H&M (Similar Here )  My local H&M had plenty of mine in stock and its new. Check your local store

H&M Boy friend Jeans  Here 

Kente Vest- Vintage(Sorry I know)


Shoes- Aldos shoes(Last year)


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