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Diamonds and Pearls

When packing to go anywhere, grab some sort of sequins, textured fabric  and sneakers. Preferably  Converse sneakers. Oh and your fringe H&M earrings that go with everything. I pack like a crazy person, never really having a whole look, but things seem to always work out.  To be honest I think I just like the rush of planning an outfit on the spot.  That or I just will never get used to pre-planning outfits when I don’t know how I’m going to feel.  Yes it’s that serious.  Why would I dress opposite of how I feel if my ensemble can exude my exact mood that day?  Exactly there’s no reason at all.



Any who.  I was a mixture of Cher(If you don’t know who she is I can’t help) in the early 70’s and a remix of a  little Haitian girl having her first communion. I looked at the dress and thought “hmmm all this white and all this glitter?! and then the typical Vana response of “Why not?!”.  Once I give myself the “why not?!”…it’s a green light.

The pretty little streets were filled with Cleaners, early bird tourist and Musicians.  Some giving me the “hmm” stare others complimenting while others threw up a friendly wave.  I wished they did ask where the hell I was going that dressed up so damn early in the morning…They probably would have been wheeled into Coffee Talk. They didn’t ask , so I smiled with a grin damn near skipping to meet the unknown attendees.







This year I promised myself I’d be more of a kid.  Having an over the top optimistic attitude, trying more things and worrying less. The regular me but a higher dose cause  life’s too short.

Speaking of life’s too short…Rest in Paradise Prince.  The blog title came to mind because of the textures of this dress and purse. Then I thought about  “Prince”(has a song titled Diamonds & Pearls) and how much of an impression he had and will continue to have on the world both as a musical genius and a fashion Icon.  Happy to have witnessed such a legend.

Never wanting to end off on a sad note- Happy Hump day(hate that term but it’s common) and have a productive one Sugars!

Vintage dress: thrifted

Converse leather woven sneakers

MAC Matte Royale lipstick(You’re welcome!)

Earrings: H&M

Photography: Clint Blane

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  1. Donna says

    I love this post! You have personified a visual to Prince’s beautiful song. Keep doing what you do! You’re going places lady! xx

      • Donna says

        My pleasure! I love your work. You are an inspiration to many. xx

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