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It takes a lot of something to have a meet up/ event in a city where nobody knows you.  What was suppose to just be a vacation some how ended up being that and what some of my family members considered “work”.  The beauty of Coffee Talk is the opposite.  It’s a  need, a love that I have that cost me nothing.  Good intentions x an invite and the rest is out of my hands.

I woke  up already excited and over the moon happy.  Here I am well rested, stuffed and  in these tiny historic streets.  What can possibly go wrong?!



One by one these awesome humans walked in…for #NolaCoffeeTalk







First Coffee Talk where there was no coffee. We talked, laughed and learned about each other.  Not once did any of the attendees pull out their phone.  Not for a selfie, capture the talk… nothing…..like wow. I usually try to get at least a capture for social media, but It was an uneasy feeling to even  attempt when no one else was. Maybe it’s a southern thing or the energy was just too good.  Either way it left an impression. Lesson: be fully invested in the moment with all of you.  Thank you Guys.





Vana18 Vana16


We are missing one. Clint our Photographer was also a part of #NOLACoffeeTalk. Hey Clint Hey!


Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in Coffee Talk and coming together to Meet.Sip. Build. I walked away with so much culture, lessons and inspiration(two seconds from tearing)

Miss Tracy/ Addiction Coffeehouse staff- Thank you for creating a space filled with love, passion and creativity. It works! We now have a piece of your magic.


Photography: Clint Blane

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    • vanavain says

      A pleasure meeting you too! Thank you for making my trip that much more memorable and meaningful. Keep up the great work!

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