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” Mom appropriate?”


As a Mother how do you decide what is fashionable yet appropriate?”


A creative asked me at #BostonCoffeeTalk this past weekend.  My eyes lit up….like what a great question! I hear so much on “looking like a Mom” and what’s “Mom appropriate” that I was more than happy to share my opinion on this topic. My answer “I don’t wear anything that I can’t comfortably wear around my children or  want my daughter to find if she googles me”


Growing up my Mother didn’t do midriffs(besides a few 80’s pics)or skirts and shorts that were over the knees….all while being fashionable.  I loved all of her outfits, but what stood out above all was how she carried herself.  She was always so classy and confident. This taught me that confidence and feeling sexy was a feeling , a way of being and not a particular fit.  She could have worn a plastic bag and still have been chic because of her attitude and  bone straight  posture.




I keep in mind via my dressing, blogging and actions that I represent my family at ALL times.  Thankfully I have been fortunate to keep my sense of style all while being a Mom.

My definition of “Mom appropriate” may be different than someone else’s and that’s okay. Whatever it is just be sure it’s authentically you.  Not someone else’s views. I see a lot of Women lose themselves after becoming mothers, just due to schedules and responsibility sometimes.  Other times some think  because they are mothers’s certain styles are no longer for them i.e a heel length or a certain fit. We have it harder sometimes so why not make the effort to look our best for that extra boost?!



So what is “Mom appropriate??”….I want to hear your thoughts

Outfit deets:

Thrifted sweater (accidentally shrunken), skirt, Trench(last worn HERE )

Last mono red look  HERE

Booties:  Courtesy of Clarks USA

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  1. Stylista says

    I picked up a friend at the airport once and she was someone whom i hadn’t seen in a few years. Upon seeing me she stated “wow, you don’t look like a mom!”…to which I replied “hmm, really? what does a mom look like?”. Now clearly I understood her statement but my reply was a way for forcing her to reevaluate her own (stereotypical) views on motherhood. As a mother of two young girls (12 and 9) one of the things I constantly try to model for them is self acceptance and the idea of just being who you are…unapologetically and authentically. I’ve always expressed myself through fashion and so that expression has continued through motherhood. I actually feel like I’ve evolved even more in terms of my style now. I’m bolder and braver in a sense. For me, growing older and understanding more of who I am did that. At the end of the day, as mothers we carry guilt and we are always facing judgement – both internal and external. It’s a burden. What I wear on my body is one of those areas I choose to release myself from judgement and fear. I wear what I want as long as I feel confident and it aligns with my spirit…as women, mother’s and human beings, we’ve earned that right… 🙂

    • vanavain says

      Thank you for sharing your view on this topic!. Well said… “…as women, mother’s and human beings, we’ve earned that right…” agree!

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