Month: February 2016

All the denim

Well hey there! I have had a busy, adventurous and productive month.  Staying busy is the medicine for entrepreneurs. Too much down time for me means I’m not chasing enough checks or growing. I’ve been working on projects and had curve ball opportunities that I couldn’t pass up on. I’ve been checking some goals off of my childhood and adulthood bucket list(The 8 year old me high fives me). It’s been great, but when your are winning in one area, another area of your life has to take a hold i.e the blog and missing my children’s February vacation to work NYFW and go to Chicago all in a 10 day span.  Consistency is always key, but staying sane is first. I never want to be so lost in work that I’m not actually living. Happy to accept the fact that I am not a robot and the chill button is my best friend this last year. New York Fashion–  Sigggggghhhhh It was brutal. like BRU-TAl. Think 10, 2o degree weather, plus aching feet, plus delayed …


…wishing you a whole lot of it today. To get through the Monday blues. To tell recent fears that it’s the first of the month(“Wake up, wake up, wake up it’s the 1st of the month”~ Bone Thugs N Harmony) and they gotta get the steppin. The nerve to try again at whatever we’ve repeatedly failed(learned) at, but can’t leave it alone. The nerve to remind yourself who the hell you are and that you got this. To put on your bad ass face(inserts emoji with grillz), flip hair, look the part and werk! Nerve…wishing you a whole lot of it today, next Monday and forever because greatness requires it! Original outfit post HERE     Vana Share This: