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”Who’s The Boss?”

Not the 80’s show where “Angela” had the best trousers, but the question you have to ask yourself when you almost second guess a not so common outfit that you really love.  A lot of people ask me how I manage to put some of my outfits together.  I pretty much freestyle, go with my gut  then make it work. Of course I laugh sometimes like ” You have the nerves”  But then I remind myself that it’s my style so I call the shots.  I’m the Boss.


Old H&M turtle neck( Winter uniform) last worn HERE

We all have personal style.  Some of us have found it. Some of us are still figuring it out. Some are in transition with theirs.

If it feels good do it.  It’s always the first thought that rules.  If you don’t like it  afterwards then make the change the next time you wear that piece or outfit. Just enjoy the thrill of going against that silly voice that says it wont go.


Vintage fur. Jessica Simpson heels. Last worn HERE

I purchased these sweet sweet pants from Boomerangs JP.  I was thrifting and purchased it the same day I got this green fur coat.  I initially planned on wearing them together during NYFW. Bright combo, but nothing a neutral color can’t calm.


So that Summer piece that you are itching to wear, wear it !  Add socks, sweater and knits to make them work. Besides you’re the Boss!!!!! Believe it and watch your “wackiest” outfit come to life! Style is confidence accessorized with clothes. Own it or leave it alone Honeeeeeeey!


Summer items to pull out for Winter!

Summer platforms/Sandals:  Thick stockings or socks

Skirt/ dress: Pair with thick stockings( great price at Marshalls/ T.J Maxx/ Target)

Crop top:  Wear with turtlenecks .(H&M Asos )

If you are trying to discover your personal style or in need of creating a Winter look book Email me!

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