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Tell me why again?

Yesterday it was about 39 degrees and windy out.  And here I was shooting outside with my photographer eyes watering and all.  I didn’t have too many layers on and the cold was  all in my bones.   I thought “Now why the hell are you out here again?”  I laughed and remembered asking myself this same question around this  time  last year  in the below pics a week before NYFW.

2015_01_31_131So the same answer I had last year was the same one I came up with  yesterday.  ” I love it! I can’t imagine not doing it….duh…I mean come on is quitting ever an option?!” <<<<<all this in a matter of seconds.

When people come up to me and tell me a post or an outfit inspired them.  The excitement and glow in my clients face from a closet evaluation. And this  is just a few out of many reasons. Decided a while ago that this was success and when I can repeat this feeling over and over again I’m successful.  Those priceless moments provide me with fuel to continue. To make my bed and leave the house when it’s easier to snooze and sleep.  I do it for me, my followers and for my children. Because I could never forgive myself for not going after what I’m crazy about.  Would be so absurd not to do it.  Passion is a constant reminder, the voice over my  shoulder that shouts ” Come on!”  “Don’t stop!” ” You really want it!”  “Someones counting on you” the one that fights procrastination and fear all the time. Truly.




Before I cut off ten inches of locs and could braid my hair in a crown.

Features, press and attending Fashion shows are amaze balls!   BUT if it’s not tracked back to passion and purpose then why do it at all? Especially as a blogger, you are tested all the time.  Do you stay true and let your brand build or take the “popular” “trendy” easy  way even if it’s not aligned with your truth? Stay true is what I said a forever “I do” to. I can’t pass on features, pics and mentions to my children.  However I can pass on self love, resilience ,  and doing only things that’s aligned with their passion. Lessons which are all priceless and can carry them through any obstacle and career choice.



So I’m looking forward to freezing my butt off in the cold a few times this Winter. Missing my children for a few days at a time. Frozen toes and  fingers at fashion week and everything else that’s not in my comfort zone.  Why? because of passion which is freedom, purpose and everything else that I said in this post.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for reading, returning , emails, messages and introducing yourselves when I’m out.  I appreciate you.



Vintage leather pants, blouse, coat and cape.

Converse Sneakers

Girlfriend’s  purse




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