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Pajama Mama


Agent: Vana

Outfit: Vintage pants & trench, body slimmer worn as a top,

BCBG  sandals, Moms purse

Worn to: #FierceStyles8





What you say about these pants?!




Music bumpin…



I’ve been wanting a trench for the longest and I finally  scored one for $2.oo a few weeks back and have been obsessed! like OB.SESSED. So much so that I wore the trench as a dress last week.  So you’ve been warned that there is more of this trench coming….unapologetic-ally too.

My mother bought me a dress slimmer telling me “Vana here.  This looks like something you would like”.  Sure enough Saturday I wanted to wear a corset like sleek top and this came to mind.  I folded it once and turned that bad boy into a top.

Lets get into these pants. Aren’t they fun?! Reminds me of a vintage pajama set. I definitely will be shopping in the sleepwear section more often because of them though.

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