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Green Light-NYE outfit

“So if  you want to (uh uh huh uh uh)
You got the green light (uh uh huh uh uh)” ~ Beyonce

2015_12_25_094So I’m going into the New Year with a second new fave color! Monochromatic  has just gotten more fun for me after this green combo.  This look is my fave mono look aside from this all RED.  Blame  this one on this thrifted coat that my girlfriend spotted, loved but let me buy(Love you Ni’Ma!)2015_12_25_377


I’m not typically a fan of body-con dresses, but this Ashley Shavon dress was a neck breaker with this color and clean cut. The color made me think of my new coat which ended up being the perfect marriage.  They say less is more, but in this case More is More.   2015_12_25_510

While the NYE outfit is important, so is the coat.  Days of wearing any coat just to hop out the car or stand in lines are OVER!.  It’s just not cool.  Like what if you get stuck in a really long line?  Don’t you deserve to be fashionably warm while waiting?! Think of it like a good cake with bad icing…..see?  The point is whatever you  wear on NYE, make sure you have a statement piece of some sort and that your coat compliments or enhances your look.  Trust me it pulls everything together.

Coat: Thrifted Other options H&M , Forver21 , Nasty Gal

Dress: Ashley Shavon.com (Dress made to order)

Shoes: Aldos (old)

Necklace: Old

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  1. Esohe says

    I finally took the time to actually come on your blog and i love it!! I have been missing out..but will not anymore!!❤️

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