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A Day in Maine Via Amtrak Downeaster

Sometimes you don’t know how bad you’re in need of a getaway until you get there.  That was the case for me last week.  I traveled to Portland Maine  for a day trip with a girlfriend . I had never been to Maine before so all I knew were  what people had mentioned and what google pulled up.  And of course Lobstah(Boston accent)

I’m so use to the discomfort of buses and cars while traveling  that I forgot how much of a difference a smooth ride makes. My getaway pretty much started when I sat down. No bumps or my typical motion sickness.  Before we knew it three hours felt like an 1hr 1/2 and we were in Portland. Truth is we were headed to Freeport but as we approached the Portland stop I looked over at Cass and whispered “Do you want to just get off?” (praying she said yes)

Cass: “Sure! Why not?!”

Like two schoolgirls cutting class, we laughed and hurried up to grab our belongings before the next stop.

We took a  1o minute Uber ride to our first destination…..FOOD.



Love Locks…on our way to lunch

 J’s Oyster 

Was an accidental stop we made while on our way to another restaurant. What was suppose to be a quick drop in for some oysters turned into almost two hours of eating and talking.


Food Network knows their stuff! Hands down the freshest Lobster and steamers I’ve ever had was in Maine.



OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

After eating we snapped my outfit of the day right outside. I layered up  with keeping color and texture in mind. Cold weather and  traveling doesn’t mean style-less.  Comfort cute was the goal. I went for an edgy/ girly look. Threw my 80’s dress over stretchy H&M jeans and added my fatigue jacket  for additional layering and texture play. Every layer has to make sense(you may have to take the coat off)



Zara boots(Last year)

Mexicali Blues

was a slice of heaven.  I’m obsessed with scents, candles, incense…all of that. We quickly took advantage of the insanely good incense sale.  Seriously not trying to get deep, but the energy was on point in there!  To top it off they had accessories and clothes to die for. Picked up some Christmas gifts and left with some things for myself as well .


Purchased one of these Buddha Statues in a forest green for my work space


I regret not leaving with these Babies! So early 90’s and Spike Lee “Do The Right Thing”



 is this little gem of a shop carrying a range  from natural , handmade products, accessories down to home decor. I looked to my right and gravitated to this  corner that was pretty much a space within a space.  Its own little world. I was so inspired by the decor,  prints and by Frida Kahlo herself( peep her on the pillow to my left).  My  impromptu shoot was completed with this cute floral headband the Store assoc crowned me with which they carry in the shop.



Dobrá Tea

The night ended at  Dobra Tea where we were instantly greeted by the light music, friendly staff and amazing aromas. We chose to sit in a raised  area with pillow seats  that required us to remove our shoes. Legs folded, we sipped our tea and reflected on how much of a fascinating time we had. Most importantly how fast we needed to return.IMG_2811



The day was well spent, but I will definitely be going back for a weekend with the family next time.

If you are considering  traveling with a group, take advantage of Amtrak Downeaster’s Take 5 Pay $5 deal where you buy one adult full fare  ticket and bring up to 5 companions for $5  per person each way.

Or if you want to just bring one friend like I did then consider their Train To Maine BOGO  where you buy one full price ticket and you bring a friend for FREE.

Follow Amtrak Downeaster on Facebook , Twitter to stay updated on travel deals. To see more travels pics of trips to Maine search #Downeastergetaway and #TraintoMaine on Instagram.

Photography Credit: Cassandra Elie


* Travel and dining sponsored By Amtrak Downeaster. All opinions are my own.





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  1. LOVE your photos– looks like we had totally different days (minus the Locks of Love Bridge!), so even more reason for me to take another trip up there to see everything else!

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