Month: December 2015

Green Light-NYE outfit

“So if  you want to (uh uh huh uh uh) You got the green light (uh uh huh uh uh)” ~ Beyonce So I’m going into the New Year with a second new fave color! Monochromatic  has just gotten more fun for me after this green combo.  This look is my fave mono look aside from this all RED.  Blame  this one on this thrifted coat that my girlfriend spotted, loved but let me buy(Love you Ni’Ma!) I’m not typically a fan of body-con dresses, but this Ashley Shavon dress was a neck breaker with this color and clean cut. The color made me think of my new coat which ended up being the perfect marriage.  They say less is more, but in this case More is More.   While the NYE outfit is important, so is the coat.  Days of wearing any coat just to hop out the car or stand in lines are OVER!.  It’s just not cool.  Like what if you get stuck in a really long line?  Don’t you deserve to be fashionably …

Like Wine.

Truth is I wore this look for Boston Fashion Week.   But, I’m Really considering  some high and low cuts for the holiday parties. This wine color  screams all sorts of Holiday without it being the common red and green hues. This is a vintage home made dress(Seams undone, no tags) Love Love Love these type of pieces.  I feel like they were made with love.  Any who, besides holiday looks like THIS or THIS you can go a little sexy.  Get creative if you have to.  A kimono or an actual robe maybe?  I dunno but, grown and sexy is acceptable and so necessary for the appropriate holiday festivities.   Save the ugly sweaters for the company parties.  If you don’t know or remember, my rule for myself is to never wear my outfit the same way twice. It’s not exciting and doesn’t allow me to maximize my wardrobe(The reason I barely have to shop) Denim Vest/ Wrap dress/ Purse- Vintage Earrings_ H&M(old) Lipstick MAC “Cyber” Shoes(BCBG) old   Share This:

Pajama Mama

  Agent: Vana Outfit: Vintage pants & trench, body slimmer worn as a top, BCBG  sandals, Moms purse Worn to: #FierceStyles8 Mood:  FLYYYYYY       I’ve been wanting a trench for the longest and I finally  scored one for $2.oo a few weeks back and have been obsessed! like OB.SESSED. So much so that I wore the trench as a dress last week.  So you’ve been warned that there is more of this trench coming….unapologetic-ally too. My mother bought me a dress slimmer telling me “Vana here.  This looks like something you would like”.  Sure enough Saturday I wanted to wear a corset like sleek top and this came to mind.  I folded it once and turned that bad boy into a top. Lets get into these pants. Aren’t they fun?! Reminds me of a vintage pajama set. I definitely will be shopping in the sleepwear section more often because of them though. Share This:

Holiday look- Casual Chic

In this post I mentioned going chic for the Holidays, but this outfit here reminded me of casual chic for the holidays as an option.  The easiest and coolest way in my opinion to add a casual touch to a fit is  adding denim.  With a such a vibrant top like this vintage one,  a casual touch was needed  fast.  I couldnt afford to look like I hijacked my grandmothers and not do it justice.  Nothing a cinched waist cant fix right? These Asos pants pulled it all together. Snatched honey! Turn any top into a Winter essential by adding a turtleneck. It just works. Felt like the fit could have used another layer…aka a reason to wear this H&M Men’s shirt. Made the outfit a tad bit cooler. Turtleneck(last season): H&M Shirt: H&M Pants: Asos Shoes: Aldos Varsity Jacket:  My girlfriends(She doesn’t remember) Off to enjoy my weekend! Fierce Styles , Family hang time and shooting is on the menu. Photographer: Silas Vassar Share This:

A Day in Maine Via Amtrak Downeaster

Sometimes you don’t know how bad you’re in need of a getaway until you get there.  That was the case for me last week.  I traveled to Portland Maine  for a day trip with a girlfriend . I had never been to Maine before so all I knew were  what people had mentioned and what google pulled up.  And of course Lobstah(Boston accent) I’m so use to the discomfort of buses and cars while traveling  that I forgot how much of a difference a smooth ride makes. My getaway pretty much started when I sat down. No bumps or my typical motion sickness.  Before we knew it three hours felt like an 1hr 1/2 and we were in Portland. Truth is we were headed to Freeport but as we approached the Portland stop I looked over at Cass and whispered “Do you want to just get off?” (praying she said yes) Cass: “Sure! Why not?!” Like two schoolgirls cutting class, we laughed and hurried up to grab our belongings before the next stop. We took …

#NewYorkCoffeeTalk: Brooklyn Roasting Company Dumbo

The first #NewYorkCoffeeTalk was held in beautiful Dumbo Brooklyn 11/21//15  at Brooklyn Roasting Company. Inspiration is everywhere in New York. From the subways(As crazy as it gets down there) to the hundreds of personal styles that slightly brushes past you in a hurry. I love it all. So when I thought Coffee Talk New York I got all excited just thinking about the amount of inspiration and creatives that I would encounter. What I loved most about The shop besides their quality coffee, was the space. The exposed piping and rusted chipped paint outside set for the perfect creative meet up. We laughed, we  hugged and as you can see….we served in style. Wooooh! inspired all over again. Thank you to everyone that came out and a huge thank you to the staff at Brooklyn Roasting company! See you next month New York! Coffee  Talk  is a monthly(Bi monthly for NY) meet up for local creatives and influencers   to Meet. Build. Sip. Look out for future dates on IG. Next Photographer: Silas Vassar Share This: