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RED- Monochromatic

RED- with a vengeance.  Like somebody talked about my Momma type of vengeance!




The obsession with red is real. From Easter dresses in Brooklyn to a grown Woman with too many red staples to count. But it’s like that sometimes, a whole lot of it. No cares sprinkled with a bit of attitude….maybe a lot. 2015_11_04_0290 2015_11_04_01732015_11_04_0509I don’t do monochromatic red often because its such a loud color and because I’m usually wearing some shade of it anyways.  When I do(any monochromatic look) ,  the first thing I keep in mind are the textures and tones.  Either the tones  are exact or  just a few shades off  and I mean very little. As far as textures- some materials don’t compliment each other well or will make one texture look more dull than it really is. They definitely should compliment each other. I will be doing a monochromatic  breakdown  soon!

Hope this look gave you the energy you need to have a great Monday!



Vintage/ costume jewelry

H&M Sweater(Sold out online) Options here

Faux Leather skirt(gift)  Similar hues at ASOS , Macy’s and Miss Guided

Aldo shoes- ON SALE 



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  1. Donna C says

    Love the look. I’ve been told that red is singularly the color that gets men’s attention the most.

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