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Do Denim- Do good


A good pair of denim is like Christmas each time you put them on. Lets not even mention wash day when they are a little more snug and hug the derriere nice and firm.  Yup that’s a good pair.

They are great with pretty blouses and  pumps when you want a casual and edgy spin. These Levis were a life saver a few weeks ago. I had this beautiful Blouse, but cringed at the thought of a skirt or nice slacks.  I wanted to simplify it as much as possible and leave the attention to the bow detail.2015_10_21_506

2015_10_21_717 2015_10_21_680



My favorite place to shop for jeans are at the local thrift shops. The multiple rows of denim wash is both exciting and intimidating.  Finding the right fit requires time and patience. Blocking out two hours is so worth it…trust me.

Levis are the best vintage denim  brand hands down. The fit is amazing and so is the quality.  I believe in investing in our wardrobe, but that it’s a smart investment.  Buying a pair of  ill fitting jeans with a hefty price tag is just as bad as a great fit with bad quality. It has to be right- both matters. Sad to say that jeans are just not made like they once were 20 plus years ago. So when I can score on a new baby…I ball out($30 the most :))

Now thrift shopping may not be for you, but before you totally dismiss it consider a few things.

  • They are gems. Rare fit and quality.
  • Sometimes they still have tags…never worn.
  • Save Money!!!!!!! Most range from $5-$20
  • You have the jeans forever.

Hope you will be making a stop at your local thrift and consignment shops!


Bodysuit blouse: Ashley Shavon

Levis Vintage jeans

BCBG pumps

Vintage  purse



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  1. I have been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this blog. Thanks, I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your web site?

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