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Vibrant thang

Oh Man! So just the other day we were complaining about too much Snow and just like that Summer is almost gone.

I’ve been relaxing, laying low during the day (when I’m not out with the kids) and coming out at night.  There is just no talking and functioning when you feel like a sweat box. Eww.

Anyways, besides those complaints life has been pretty freaking amazing.  Just within the last few moths I’ve learned so much, grown so much and had life changing experiences.  I swear 30 has been the best age for me. Spiritually, personally and professionally I have seen and  felt the growth. I’m Just on this high that I want to share with everyone any way I can. Like “Come here”, “Give me a hug dammit”…. On my Oprah steez “You get a hug” “you get a kiss!” but seriously its been that way.

Nobody has time for that garbage energy…its contagious too.2015_08_30_0509 (2) Anyways lets get into this vibrant little number. Y’all know I can’t stay away from color too long.  The last few weeks I’ve compromised for some basic whites and black staples, so it was time to break out the colors again. I just had an amazing weekend with my daughter and her friends(Hotel Slumber Party) and was still siked. These colors represent the good vibes and energy those cutie pies left me with.2015_08_30_0569Pencil Skirts were created by Fashion Gawds.  This is a  must have staple. It can be worn and personalized by any body type and is appropriate for all seasons.


I cant keep still! I play music even while shooting. Artist: Sarkodie Ft. Castro-(Adonai Remix)


Rings: One gifted and one borrowed from my girlfriend Shari

2015_08_30_0181Now  you didn’t think that I would not wear them with Converse’s…tired of telling you to get a pair. The best heels.  Even if not Converse, dress down your pencil skirts with platform sneakers or running sneakers. Ill take fashion x comfort any day!

And for those Bodycon dresses….hold on to them for Fall. This my friend is an orange dress worn as a top. Werk those pieces.

Ok! Off to prepare for a yard sale and laundry so I can prepare for #bostoncoffeetalk(Instagram ) and NYFW.


Which look is your favorite? Sneaker or Shoe version?


Orange Vintage dress

Skirt(gifted by a cousin) similar find Here

Vintage purse

Blue Zara shoes (old) similar ones Here and here

Statement Rings: I like Aldos and Forever21 rings


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  1. Dana@ IveGotCake says

    Yes honey work it! You are giving me LIFE in those colors!
    Cracking up @ “tried to tell yall”
    Tell me why I just bought a black pair of chucks the other day…

    Tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s coffee!!

    • vanavain says

      Thank you Sugar!
      Yes Yes to the chucks! Can’t wait to see how you rock them.

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