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NYFW Day 2- Stay True

This day was the day I started to lose feeling in my right big toe.  This is typical Fashion week effects except a day sooner. Mind you I carry flats while commuting. Unlike the day before, the sun decided to come out so that was a good start already. Because I don’t like to pre-plan outfits, I wake up a tad bit earlier each day in order to dress according to my mood.  Yes you should always be ready for a capture and look your best, but staying true is the most important. Kind of hard to predict how I’m going to feel a whole day before.


Decided on this gem of a dress and added a Men’s shirt to give it a more laid back touch. The fit without it was borderline 80’s secretary(had exaggerated shoulder pads) so the shirt balanced everything out.


Frank & Oak’s Men’s shirt


This month’s favorite accessories.


I covered quite a  few shows that day the first one being Zimmermann.  This was the one show that was worth the long line. Like a kid in a candy store, I couldn’t keep still. My eyes were going what felt like 100 mph trying to grab and register  full looks.  So much temptation to touch the textures and layers. Vivid colors and intricate details graced this line of exceptionally dressed Women. Like Apple couldn’t make a big enough phone to capture the amazing street style I witnessed that day.



Aldos shoes last Worn here

I bumped into Solange after exiting the  Zimmermann show. I first noticed her signature fro as she elegantly rose from first row. Then those boots…like O. M. G. gimmie those! Just like her many publications and Instagram feed- she had minimum make up and no jewelry. Staying true and consistent to what I call ” The Solo effect”.

As if her mustard and camel combo wasn’t mouth watering enough, she hit us with the red bag. Shot to the heart. My heart literally sunk when the bag  peeked from her right side. Like I don’t think any other bag would have went that well…down to the style with the hand wrist loop.

IMG_4462 IMG_4461I snapped these with my phone while passing her again. She was swarmed by media so I didnt get any details on the boots.  However here are a few to consider.

These from Zara

6006001113_1_1_1Or these Steve Madden ones or the Taupe colored ones from Aldos

The next show of the day was Sally La Pointe where I bumped into Leandra Medine of Man Repeller who is one of my favorite long time bloggers.  Besides her witty carefree attitude, her spontaneous personal style always keeps me wanting more while never knowing exactly what’s to come. Perfect- consistent yet unpredictable. I instantly lit up when I seen her in this little Miu Miu  sweater set and blue shirt. I walked over to introduce myself and complimented her on her look.  She complimented me on my bag and asked “Where is it from?!” and then before I can answer  she points and says “its Vintage!”  Me: yup!


Source: Man Repeller(because the one on my phone was crappy)


So lessons of Day 2 NYFW

  1. Stay true to your personal style. Always.
  2. Buy a Men’s collard shirt like I suggested HERE
  3. Buy some Suede brown thigh highs like yesterday!

Anyone else going hunting for Suede boots this weekend?

Photography: Silas Vassar #silasshootsnyfw


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  1. Dana@Ivegotcake says

    Yes huntyyy, looking good!
    What size in mens dress shirt do you usuallyy go for? My challenge is finding a size that fits right without compromising the look from it being just too damn big

    • vanavain says

      Thank you Thank you!
      I usually go for the Men’s Large/ X Large depending on the look I’m going for. Another trick is rolling up the sleeves. It takes away from the “too damn big look”

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