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Pretty Little things

This is a Love story…

Not the one between two individuals but the love I have for a good ole vintage piece.  I’m talking with no tags and unfinished seams that indicate the handcrafted nature of the item and the talent that executed it. I’m talking pretty little things like this lace vintage dress. My love for vintage goes beyond the trend. For me it’s the fact that these pieces have lived longer than me, and would have tons of stories to share if they could speak. And because they can’t, I make up my own story in my head; which always ends up involving, love, happiness and food. I mean what else would you be doing in such a beautiful dress?!

2015_06_11_493 (1)

I wore this look to a family wedding in  Philly a few weeks ago. At first I was a bit  hesitant about the off white, but then got the okay and ended up not being the only one wearing this color.

Added a vintage petticoat for some volume.

Added a vintage petticoat for some volume.

Lace is just so pretty. It felt like Easter Sundays in Brooklyn when I counted down the hours to wear my new dress to church. This dress brought back memories and I  was definitely feeling like a kid again.

Couldn't decide on a purse so I wore both. A vintage Ferragamo inside an Arden B. enclosure

Couldn’t decide on a purse so I wore both. A vintage Ferragamo inside an Arden B. enclosure

2015_06_11_058 (1)


2015_06_11_388 (1)

No matter how you wear it, it adds a soft touch.   Second time around I will probably wear it with  fitted dark blue denim or  some chucks.

Please tell me I’m not crazy and you have at least one piece of wardrobe that you’re madly in love with. I’m all ears! Share it!

Vintage lace dress options here

BCBG pumps

On rotation lipstick MAC Cyber

Photography: Hill Zhou

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  1. Dana@ IveGotCake says

    Yes huntyyy, yes!!
    This dress is giving me life – perfect for wedding season!

  2. Vintage is the best. Some of my favorite pieces are vintage/second-hand!

    Fabulous dress, but let’s talk about your layered purses. AMAZING. I’m going to have to copy that one 😉

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