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If you are familiar with Busta then that song  definitely comes to mind when viewing these pics . At least for me it did. This shoot happens to be my quickest and  favorite one out of  my three years of blogging .  There isn’t a shoot that comes to mind where  my energy and personality was captured like this. These pics are me in a nutshell. I’m energetic, loud, overly dramatic and smiling majority of the time.




After shooting for an hour this happened.  Tobi and I wrapped up the shoot(at least I thought) and began walking towards the car  when all of a sudden he gets the photographer itch.

Tobi: Go over there, I want to test this angle

Me: Okay. Just stand here????

Tobi: I dont care, do whatever you want

 My response are  in these photos. What possessed me to behave like a mad rapper making sound effects? No idea, but it was fun and freeing! No posing, no overthinking…just me.



So this isn’t even an outfit post.  Just a hey! Happy Tuesday! And unleash your inner crazy type of post. I will do an all white post soon breaking down this look.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I’m going to get back to pulling pieces for the Lookbook Marathon . If you are in the Boston area check it out!

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  1. Dana@ IveGotCake says

    Encore, encore!!
    Love this shoot! It’s one of my faves of you, you look great boo!

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